• Hi,

    I know how to configure VLans through the interface and bridge, there are some good examples I have seen.

    My question is to see if a number of VLANS (+300 VLans) can be added in a more efficient/productive way, rather then by the Web GUI.  I can easily generate the configuration separately and dump to a text file.

    It would be easier to cut and paste configuration to a file etc, is this possible?


  • i would suggest something like backup/restore, download xml of vlans config than add what u need, and restore…

    the file looks like this:


  • Thanks,

    I'll have a go on Thursday, but looks like a good alternative.


  • There used to be a feature that you could enter a vlan range on the interface and it will generate all of them.

    Not sure if its still there need to check that.

  • Hi,

    Could not see that option there.  Suggestion of editing XML file worked a treat, just used Excel to construct all the strings and pasted them in.

    Also used this method for a couple of other things, such as interfaces for VLAN's, worked a treat and has save a LOT of time.

    Menus are a little overloaded now though, wish there was a way to make them display/sort better!