Squid ignores multi-WAN load balancing

  • If squid3 package is installed and configured as transparent proxy, then load-balancing gateway group is ignored. I.e. if some ISP is down, then some web pages can't be opened and not routed to another ISP.

    How to fix? I wish both transparent proxy and gateway group.

  • there is no fix at this time.
    squid can/will only go **out/b] through the default gateway.

    only failover can be achieved with squid at this time. (search the multi-wan forum for something like 'default gateway switching')**

  • I setup Multi-WAN like shown in the official tutorial…. Works only for Connections without squid. And works very fine. But I also need squid. So I installed the squid 3.3-dev package from the package-list, because squid supports the "radom" command since 3.2.
    I know it is a dev-package, but I run it on a wlan-network with 5000 Users on peek and its runs very fine. Also with squidguard.
    I also know that there is no failover for squid, if one of the lines will be offline, but that is not important for me, because the two lines are from the same provider and come over the same cable. It’s a cable internet connection from unitymedia(Germany).

    I added these lines, for split the traffic to two lines. *1

    acl fiftyPercent random 0.5
    tcp_outgoing_address fiftyPercent

    *1: The information’s found here: http://wiki.squid-cache.org/Features/AclRandom
    greets Smithes

  • Does acl random provide failover if one gateway is down?

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