2.1.5 Upgrade - Menu Overlap

  • I'm guessing this is as a result of the recent addition to the menu of the "Gold" Support option, but it's very difficult now to get to the System menu because the Help menu now sits directly below it. Couldn't the "Gold" menu option exist somewhere else other than the already crowded selection of drop down menu's along the top? I'm running on an ALIX Wrap board.

  • This has been covered to death in 10+ different threads in several subforums, mainly the WebGUI forum.

    1.  Clear your cache, or
    2.  Reload with Ctrl-F5, or
    3.  Reduce your font size, or
    4.  Install the Widescreen patch -> https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=81167.0

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