Restore VLAN Interface IP On New Hardware

  • Good afternoon,

    I am setting up a replacement Netgate APU 4 to replace a older desktop that was running pfSense with 3 NICs.

    NICs 1 and 2 were standard interfaces with static WAN IP addresses set on them. NIC 3 had 3 VLAN interfaces assigned to it but not standard interface because I was always told it wasn't right to have tagged and untagged on the same interface on pfSense. The VLANs are 10, 30, and 200, and assigned the IP 10.0.10.X, 10.0.30.X, and 10.0.200.X respectively.

    When I backed up the config and restored it to the new Netgate I am able to reassign the interfaces and the WAN and WAN 2 interfaces to RE0 and RE1 respectively. I am also able to create the 3 VLANs with parent interface RE2, but there is no way to assign an IP address to these interfaces from the CLI.

    This leaves me in a bit of bind trying to access the Web Interface. What is the correct way to assign IP addresses to these VLANs on parent interface RE2?

    Thank you.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Looks like there might be a problem in 2.1.5:

    I have 5 active vlan interfaces on em0 on this router right now.

    I get this when I select 1 to assign interfaces:

    Enter an option: 1
    grep: write error: Broken pipe
    grep: write error: Broken pipe
    Valid interfaces are:
    re0   00:30:18:ad:7e:4f   (up) 
    em0   00:30:18:a4:ec:72   (up) 
    em1   00:30:18:a4:ec:73   (up) 
    em2   00:30:18:a4:ec:74   (up) 
    ovpns220293075   (up) 
    ovpnc1914887   (up) 
    Do you want to set up VLANs first? 

    After creating the VLANS the interfaces (re2_vlan10, etc) should be available for assignment.

    Do you get the same grep errors?

    I would just set the LAN interface to re3 using the CLI, allow it to do basic out-of-the-box DHCP, connect a laptop and configure the VLANS and assign your interfaces using the GUI.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    And all of your config should still be there.  It's simply a matter of assigning the right vlan interface to the pfSense interface.

    I know when you restore a config in the GUI and this occurs there's a procedure it makes you go through to create the vlans and perform the assignment.  I don't know what the CLI does.

  • When I go to restore from the GUI, I am running 2.1.4 BTW, I assign all the interfaces correctly and then click save.  The firewall proceeds to reboot and then hangs.  If I connect to the console, I see that it is stuck at an interface assignment prompt.

    It asks me if I want to configure VLANs and I select N and then it prints out my current correct VLAN assignments.  It then asks for WAN interface assignment which I already did in GUI.  I set it to re1 any way and then hit enter to not configure any more interfaces.

    It then loads to the CLI menu and only shows the WAN interface as being setup.

    Any way I can manually edit a file to set the correct assignment?

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