1.5Mbt + 1.5Mbt = 3Mbt + 1Mbt = 4Mbt

  • 1.5Mbt + 1.5Mbt MPLS Lines Load Balanced in the Cisco 1720 + 1Mbt MPLS Line in the Cisco SoHo Load Balance by the pfSense now this should give me 4Mbt if all is working well!

    Now the question when I try to do this pfSense usually whacks out and will do a tcp flood on one of links and down the whole thing goes! Is there a reason for this? Is the load balancing so sensitive that it need to be equal bandwidths to maintain ratios? To me that really would not make sense due to bandwidth as bandwidth is up and down and throughput is flexible!

    I am looking for some clarity on this issue! 1.1 could handle the in-balance on the links but it has other issues! 1.2 is totally screwing with me RC1 - RC4 all produce the same whacked state a TCP Flood from Hell! i have set a test bed with a clean install of RC5 and we shall see what happens today! But I would like to know how pfSense deals with load balancing across different bandwidth connections…..

    Also... would 3Mbt balanced with 1Mbt = 4Mbt or 2Mbt if you understood my question!

    I am open for all thought and comments!

  • Why is this post read so much but not a single thought! Shall I assume that I am the only one with this issue? I think not… I do find this amusing! Please tell me my options! A Cisco 3600 should resolve most of my issues! Just run out and buy the proper equipment and another open source fan bites the dust!

    I see others posting in other sections about this issue and still no clarity! Even if you approach the companies that say they can support this product they decline! Because the problems are to complex or I am not in America for what ever reason! I am getting very disappointed!

    Even if I try the out of the can approach this product has issues… and with the simplest of problems one can receive NO clarity!
    This is getting very sad! My only true solution is www.usedrouters.com and off the shelf approach! So I must keep the open source project for the lab in my office!

    It is such a great product with some quarks that could be overcome... so sad that resolving issues is so complex!

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