Backup Internet Connection from an alternate ISP

  • Hello world.
    So :
    1x Internet connection from fibre company A.
    1x Internet connection from 3g company B.

    I want B to act as a backup connection to A.
    Major preference to the pfSense box to automatically switch between A and B as is needed.

    Does what I am talking about exsist?
    Can a pfSense box acheive this?

    Any light anyone could shed on my question would be greatly appreciated.


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    The forum you want here is called "Routing and Multi WAN"

    In a nutshell you get both WAN links up.  Create a group in System->Routing->Groups, then tell your firewall rules to use the group as the gateway instead of default/*.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Indeed. 'Failover', which is what you're describing, is very possible within pfSense.
    One issue you might have is that pfSense pings (at 1s intervals) the gateway IP on each WAN. That's fine for a normal WAN but on a 3g connection it means you continually connected which can be expensive depending on how your ISP bills you. The actual data rate is very low.
    You will also probably have to tune the variables for a 3g connection as the ping times and packet loss are often outside the acceptable limits for a wired connection.


  • a good deal of thanks to both of you.
    they direction you pointed me in, got me exactly the answers and information i am looking for.
    colour me impressed!

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