Traffic shaping went wrong

  • Guys,

    I have a pretty complicated scenario here.

    We have a 20 Mbit / 20 Mbit MPLS link to the web.

    A backbone to some branches through a HP router using MPLS too (20 Mbit / 20 Mbit).

    This backbone access the internet through our WAN.

    My topology looks like this:

    6 VLANs (DMZ, VIDs 1170 (default), 1180, 1190, 1200, 1210)).
    1 WAN
    1 BCB (I can't define this as WAN or LAN).

    My question is: should I consider the backbone (BCB) to the branches as a WAN connection on the traffic shaping?
    Or should I consider the BCB as a LAN?

    Through the BCB, we have 12 other MPLS networks (12 cities), with 20 Mbit / 20 Mbit each.

    So, the BCB (backbone to the branches) is a WAN or LAN? Or none???

    Thanks. Best regards!


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