Incorrect timezones?

  • Hello!

    When I first set up pfSense a few weeks ago I set the timezone to GMT-6, which should have been Central Standard Time (Saskatchewan). After a few days I started to notice that the system clock was constantly 12 hours ahead. Setting the time manually using date didn't last long, as the time was being updated constantly by ntpdate. I've just tried changing the time zone to CST6CDT and things seem to be working fine now (setting the time to the current time using date and then running ntpdate might move the time by a quarter second instead of 12 hours). Is it possible that some incorrect time zone files were distributed with 1.2 RC4? It doesn't seem to matter how I change the time zone, copying from /usr/share/zoneinfo to /etc/localtime or using the pfSense web gui; both methods end up with a time shifted ahead by 12 hours for GMT-6 and the correct time for CST2CDT.

    Has anyone else noticed this or am I just out to lunch?

  • i've the same problem.

    1 rc4
    time zone: -5


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