• Dear everyone !!!
    I have problem with anonymous proxy. when client use anonymous proxy can be open some website like facebook that i block ip in firewall-rule
    so i try to block on squidgard category but still working.!!!
    Please help me out !!! :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • What do you mean by 'anonymous proxy'?

  • I'm making some assumptions of what was meant, but if a client is using another proxy, their connection is probably being tunneled past your firewall.

  • Yeah, he probably means Squid in Transparent mode, but I have a knack for misunderstanding some people's questions.

  • I think the problem is HTTPS related.
    Sites using HTTPS doing an end run around his squid proxy.

  • Very probably, but I wanted to confirm that he's actually using Squid and Squidguard under pfSense.  For all I know, he's got Squid configured to talk to an upstream proxy.

  • Dear all!!
    I mean that when i block https website like facebook by IP address in Firewall-Rule, if client not use Anonymous Proxy the can't open facebook but if they use anonymous proxy like add-on firefox anonymous and Hola Better Internet on google chrome they can open facebook. So how can i block it.

  • Yep - Now you have to block every proxy service on earth by name or IP also….  Good luck.

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