Newb alert: Can I run 2 pfsense firewalls

  • Hello,

    I am a basic home user that has done some upgrades like processors and such. I know the basics about computing. But beyond that I am a newb…sorry.
    I was a victim of some fraud and account hacking. Looked up firewall software and stumbled upon this software and it is great. Bought the book and have started reading.
    I have a pretty serious investment in my alienware with upgrades and such, and have put up the newest version of pfSense on a basic OptiPlex with a Pentium and 2 gigs of ram. Running an Intel dual nic. Everything is working fine.
    Here is my question.
    The alienware is inside the firewall. I did not want the wireless router inside the firewall with that pc. So due to this, anything wireless is outside of pfSense. Can I run a second pfSense firewall before the router to protect those pc's and tablets? So to be clear my configuration is -

    Modem with 105mbps down - wireless router - dedicated firewall pc - main pc

    I would like to know if I can run

    modem - dedicated firewall pc - wireless router - dedicated firewall pc - main pc

    I have done some searching and this stuff is obviously way over my head. And the simple question I am asking, I believe, would be buried in hours and hours of reading. If the admins see fit to delete the post, I will understand completely. I simply would like to know if there will be conflicts before I buy another refurbished OptiPlex and nic.


    Oh and it's cool you guys are using simplemachines. I use it for my forum.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    A better way would be another network interface for the wireless with firewall rules to block connections to LAN but allowing connections to the internet.

    But a wireless access point with WPA2 AES and a nice, strong passphrase is probably good enough even on the same LAN.

  • OK. Gotcha. Thank you. I look into it

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