Make php file to update /cf/conf/config.xml Host IP from IPSEC tunnel?

  • I have some IPSEC VPNs using <remote-gateway>from a  dynamic IP. So when a IP changes the IPSEC is refused because the DNS has the old IP. And it takes more than 15 minutes to update.

    So my idea is can we make a new PHP that will update immediately. The other site location would call the PHP so we would get the public IP and then update the new IP into the configuration.

    Option 1: Update a dns Host Override: edit /cf/conf/config.xml <dnsmaq><host>with a the host new IP.
    Option 2: Update /cf/conf/config.xml the <remote-gateway>with the new IP

    Then we would have to restart dnmasq or the raccon

    Is this possible? would that work?</remote-gateway></host></dnsmaq></remote-gateway>

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