SquidGuard stopped blocking sites

  • Hello,

    I installed pfSense about a month ago as a firewall/anti-virus/proxy filter

    Installed packages are:

    HAVP antivirus 0.91_1 pkg v1.02
    squid 2.7.9 pkg v.4.3.4
    squidGuard 1.4_4 pkg v.1.9.6

    HAVP is set to update every 12 hours

    Squidguard is set as a transparent proxy and is using shallalist.de URL Blacklist

    Everything was working like a champ until a few days ago.  Then I started seeing ads again.  So I figure it's time to update the Blacklist.

    Upon logging into pfSense, the homepage said there was a new release.  Updated and rebooted.  Still getting ads

    Updated Blacklist, still getting ads
    Stopped service via GUI and restarted.  Still getting ads

    Updated Blacklist and rebooted.  Still getting ads

    Squidguard service state is STARTED and the enable box is checked.

    I'm new to Squid so I don't know which logs to check.  Any suggestions where to start looking?

  • *Solved, I think

    I was looking in the Log/Filter Config and found a syntax error

    src Test {

    Edited the Group ACL "Test" client list by adding a space between IP Addresses.  Saved and applied the change, which modified the Log/Filter Config…

    src Test {

    Ads are blocked again
    Both the Common ACL and Test ACL are behaving as expected

    Thinking back, this started around the time I created a new VM

    When I added the VM to the Test group, I probably hit Enter in the Client IP address text box.

    The Client UI either doesn't or can't check for Returns in the text box, so it read the entry as instead of

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