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  • Hi, all! I can't get the difference between "WAN net" and "WAN address", "LAN net" and "LAN address" and ext., when defining source/destination fields of NAT rules. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks !

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    "net" is the entire subnet on an interface, e.g. x.x.x.0/24. "address" is only the one specific IP address on that interface, e.g. x.x.x.2

  • Don't make the same mistake I did and assume that WAN net = Internet.  As Jim said, WAN net is only the particular subnet that your WAN IP address is part of and not the Internet as a whole.

  • i still don't understand the difference :-\ !! would you like to give me more explainations
    i will be thankfull

  • LAN address is only the specific ip address you choose for your LAN interface. Example:
    LAN net is the whole ip subnetwork in which your LAN address reside. Example:;;; and up to ; (assuming the same LAN address as above and a /24 ip subnet = mask

    It's very hard to explain better when you don't tell us with exactly what parts of ip networking you do understand and what you don't.

    Do you know what a ip subnet is? Are you familiar with the convention of describing subnets as /16 and /24 and do you understand the difference between them?

    If you do, please tell us what ip address and subnet you use on your LAN interface.

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