Losing UI access after creating adapter for VPN connection

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    I have a pfSense managed from the WAN side (no LAN configged, intentionally), anti knockout rule is in place.

    When adding an adapter for an OpenVPN connection and enabling it, I can't access the WebUI anymore. The VPN connects from the other side though, and I can keep pinging the machine as well.

    I've tried the enableallowallwan, but since the pings (enabled ICMP) and connection get through, I assume this isn't the problem. Anyone that might know what I've forgotten here?

  • Did you put your VPN on port 443 or 80?  TCP?

  • Nope, default 1194. Web UI dies when I select "Enable Interface" and save it, box itself still has connection.

  • No idea

  • I've got it working now. Not sure what the problem was, but I placed the WebUI on a separate port and opened that up in the firewall. It stayed reachable now.

  • Are you forwarding 80 or 443?

    Because usually thats the only time that happens?

  • Nope. No 80 or 443 come to play. I've changed the Web UI's port and opened it in the firewall, it stays reachable now. Not sure what happens, seems like the anti-knockout rule isn't effective anymore as other connections continue to work. Should be able to verify that when changing it back to 443 and opening the port seperately from the knockout rule.

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