Adding static route fails

  • hi every1,

    i would like to add a static route to my pfsense 2.1

    i get the error:

    The following input errors were detected:
        This network conflicts with address configured on interface vlan 350.

    i am using vlans on a layer3-switch. i assigned an ip-adress to the vlan350, which is on my lan-network (connected on the layer3-switch), since i want to use a dhcp-server for that vlan.
    now i would need to set the layer3-switch as gateway for that specific destination (

    diag_routes says:

    Destination 	Gateway 	Flags 	Refs 	Use 	Mtu 	Netif 	Expire 	link#17 	U 	0 	0 	1500 	em3_vlan350 	link#17 	UHS 	0 	0 	16384 	lo0 	

    how can i achieve this?
    is any1 else working with vlans and dhcp?
    after turning off dhcp and turning off the static ip on the vlan350. i could add the static route without any problems. but i need dhcp!!
    thanks for any help i could get.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You cannot do both. You either have direct access to the subnet, or you can route it. If you must have DHCP, then have those clients use the firewall for their gateway and not the switch. Otherwise you will need to serve DHCP from a difference device and not pfSense.

  • thx for your reply

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