Some Problem with the PFsense , Need help

  • Hello ,
    I was working on Pfsense just fine , but the electricity went off and when it came back Pfsense had a Problem while starting (Starting SquidGuard-Devel…)Keeps loading to infinity :D
    anyway I managed to to some Backup and at last I reset it to factory then make a new configurations.
    But I Have some problems

    1. the connection is very slow on the Pcs in the Network
    2. Some or most of the Pcs gets limited access and some get its connected but no internet at all and the reason it can't see the getway(Pfsense).

    my Configuration :
                                        LAN : (Getway) and all Pcs Gets IP Range (10.0.1.X)
                                        Wan  : Dont Remember :D
                                        I have 2 DNS Servers localy with IPs and

    Help me guys as I stucked here

  • You probably corrupted the squid cache.

    I'd blow away the cache and reinstall squid after that.

    Stop squid service in gui

    Then from a command prompt

    cd /var/squid/cache

    rm -rf *

    squid -z

    Then reboot pfsense

    Might help  - Not sure

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