PFsense not pulling DHCP from cable modem

  • Guys I'm having a problem with Pfsense pulling a Wan IP. I am running Pfsense on ESXI with a managed switch. I have a vlan created for the cable modem also I run a trunk port to the ESXI box after that everything is broken out into port groups with the appropriate vlan id's. So I have 4 nics bound to the ESXI vm cable modem vlan, internal vlan, and two vlans for testing. Whenever, I reboot the PF VM it can no longer pull a wan IP address from the cable modem. Last time this happened I had to call the cable company in order for them to re provision my cable modem after that I rebooted the PF vm and it was able to pull a wan IP. Also the managed switch has a static ip configured for it's management so there is no way for it to grab an ip from the cable modem.

  • I ended up putting the cable modem on a separate vswitch.

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