Disable NAT between seperate LAN subnets

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    I have a pfsense box with a LAN (LAN1) and 5 VLANS that's running on a separate NIC (LAN2). I have a phone PBX running on the VLANS and the PBX running on the VLANS network (LAN2) i'm having a strange issue when phones registeres from the VLAN network to the none VLAN LAN it shoes up as UDP-NAT

    How can I disable NAT between two separate LAN interfaces?


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    NAT is not enabled between LAN interfaces in automatic mode - did you change to manual and create some NAT rule?  Did you put a gateway on one of your LAN interfaces – doing so would make pfsense think its a WAN interface and create nat rules for it, etc.

    There should never be a gateway on a LAN interface!!  You have to go out of your why to even do it ;)

    Out of the box you can have as many lan interfaces as you want, vlans, physical whatever and there is NO nat done between them -- only to the wan interface is nat done out of the box.

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