I would like 1 hour of your time to discuss PFSense….

  • I have many questions regarding my PFsene firewalls and want to discuss the topics of:
    Firewall rules, Routing, Failover, Packages, IDS, etc…

    I want to speak with someone that is deeply knowledgeable in all this and will consider compensation for time spent if the rate is reasonable.

    Please reply here or message me.

    I would normally post all my questions in the various groups, however, I have the need to get this all handled quickly and I am traveling often these days.

    Not much time for waiting for replies and trying things out.

    I would like to do a WebEx session or similar screen sharing with this person and have a discussion regarding these questions.

    Let me know if you are interested.

  • I will consider it however, it's more than I need at this time.

    I would rather give a highly knowledgeable individual a chance to spend some time with me and make some money.

    I'm not opposed to contacting he SF.

    But it will be my last resort even though I know it is the slamdunk way to get the support I need

  • Banned

    What timezone are you in?

  • Eastern (-5)
    I can be available at most times

  • Banned

    Thanks. Good for people to know. Currently on vacation in France so I am back in the hot seat in a week :)

  • Good to know.

    If you're interested, while I wait can you provide me with some information about your background and experience with this firewall platform?

    Feel free to communicate with me in private message

  • I confess a morbid curiosity why you're approaching Brian, rather than ESF.

    Not that I mind you sending money to Brian, but he literally can't know what's coming, beyond the current 2.2 BETA.

    And ESF employs the actual authors/developers of pfSense.

  • I agree that ESF would be far more knowledgeable and detailed however, I need tutorials over the phone with some basic and moderate techniques of configuration.

    I think it will take about an hour, and won't cost $400.

    At some point I may be willing to spend that money but right now I need to try this way and see how far I get

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