PfSense Build: KINO 945GSE

  • I thought I'd start a thread for this because I couldn't find an existing one. Apologies for the poor image!

    I picked this up from eBay for ~£35 including postage for a home firewall. It included 1 GB SoDIMM and a 90 watt PicoPSU (minus power brick).
    There's a few more available on eBay at the moment so it might prove to be a good option for those who like me, are on a tight budget.

    The 945GSE chipset is intended for use in laptops so it should be quite economical in terms of power consumption. It also features dual Realtek NICs.

    More details here:

    I've installed it (temporarily) in an mATX case with a 2GB CF card. It took a bit of fiddling to get it to boot - reseated the Pico PSU, memory and unplugged anything that wasn't needed. Last night I successfully installed pfSense 2.15 which has had no trouble identifying the hardware.

    I'm waiting to get my house cabled with some Cat5e/Cat6 before I can install it. I might get around to doing some tests before then.
    I'm now thinking about adding a PCI ADSL modem if I can find one that works with pfSense, mainly for neatness and perhaps for power efficiency.

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