Ipv6 via PPPoE strange reconnect issue

  • Hi guys!

    I have IPv6 working via PPPoE link.
    It is set up via DHCP6 and option selected are:
    Request a IPv6 prefix/information through the IPv4 connectivity link –> YES
    Only request a IPv6 prefix, do not request a IPv6 address --> YES
            DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation size --> 64
    Send an IPv6 prefix hint to indicate the desired prefix size for delegation --> NOT selected / NO

    This way, IPv6 works just fine on routed /56 ( I divided it to /64 blocks)...
    When I reboot pfSense all is working great.

    Now the problem....
    If I disconnect and reconnect PPPoE link from INTERFACE STATUS page, IPv6 stops working??? If I reboot pfsense all starts to work again...

    Any idea?


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