Configure 1 WAN 2 LAN same network in virtualbox HELP

  • Hi im very new to pfsense and im trying thi setup to work, i want to virtualize a pfsense system to use as a main router in my home, the setup would be like this:

    ISP –> windows machine with dual NIC -- > pfsense virtualbox --> switch --> windows again and my other hosts

    I want to make clear that i want the internet signal flow to pass first to pfsense and then to windows, i have succeeded on configuring wan and a local loopback so my windows machine uses the signal from the pfsense and not from the nic itself, but i cant get it to work so it uses the second nic as a LAN in the same subnet as the loopback interface so i can share same network with all my devices, can you help me please?

  • so i managed to configure 2 lans, one a loopback and one another NIC i have installed, i have internet on both connections but i can't get traffic trough the subnets (loopback and NIC2) my firewall rules are to allow all traffic on both LAN interfaces, please i need help!

  • the issue fixed it self… i dont know how

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