Can pfsense run the OpenDNS Updater?

  • I was thinking of using OpenDNS for its content filtering. To do this properly I must have an account on OpenDNS so I can set the filtering options there. One field is my IP address which OpenDNS needs to distinguish my requests from others, to know what setup options to apply. Unfortunately my IP address is assigned dynamically.

    The pfsense book notes that there is a thing called "OpenDNS Updater for Windows" that is to be run by one of the Windows client machines on my LAN to keep the OpenDNS website informed of changes to my IP address. First problem, I don't understand how a client on the LAN can know this address since it has its own private IP address; and even if that problem is taken care of, it seems a little silly for this updater to be run on a client machine (for example, what if that particular machine is off - the other machines then do not have DNS if the IP address has changed). Is there a way to get pfsense to update the OpenDNS site with my currently-assigned IP address?

    If I understand correctly, this is something entirely different than Dynamic DNS. I am not running a web server here.

  • Actually it's built in.
    Go to Services > Dynamic DNS clients, add a new DynDNS client and choose OpenDNS.


  • Hi!

    This is an old post, but just want to ask for help, if anyone was able to make the ip updater to work with their OpenDns on Pfsense. As mine is having on the cached ip.

    Please help.



  • @astph said in Can pfsense run the OpenDNS Updater?:

    As mine is having on the cached ip.

    As long as the updating didn't work, you wind up having That's normal.

    I have :


    Notice : the hostname isn't a hostname here, but your "account ID" created with OpenDNS.

    Use the "Verbose logging" option. When activated, you should check the logs, they will tell you everything ...

    edit : extra checks :


    Question : pfSense uses this URL to get your 'real' WAN IP. Does it really work for you ?

    Answer : goto Console (SSH !) and use option 8.
    Type :


    it should answer with something like this :

    <html><head><title>Current IP Check</title></head><body>Current IP Address:</body></html>

    and yes, is my WAN IP.

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