Telnet on port 25 over IPSEC

  • Hi

    I'm trying to figure out why i can't telnet from the hosts over IPSEC to my main location exchange over port 25.

    I have 9 other IPSEC tunnels that go to our satellite offices and from hosts on their network im able to telnet to exchange host on port 25 fine. (The ipsec rule is any/any)

    With this particular one the allow rule is any to any as well but i can't telnet to exchange on 25 but when i try 80 and 443 it connects fine. pign is also working both ways.

    software firewall is off on the exchange (for testing purposes)

    also im using postfix forwarder package in front of the exchange, but then again i should be able to connect to internal address of the exchange server over IPSEC (which works over other tunnels)

    Any ideas what could be wrong ? Thanks


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