Bridging and Internet Access

  • Hi All
    I have been experimenting with bridging as I want to set up a filtering bridge that runs snort, a captive portal and OpenVPN. My problem is that when I set up the bridge, my clients can access the internet but the pfsense box itself can't so it can't for example install or update packages.

    Below is my setup

    INTERNET –--------------> FIREWALL ---------------------------------->BRIDGE -------------------------> CLIENTS
                                  Public IP                        NO IP                    192.168.1.x

    Is there a workaround?

  • Well I managed to figure out a way to get this to work. I had to doo two things.

    1. Add the default gateway on the lan interface. Please note that doing this alone will not give the desired result. In fact, clients lose internet connectivity if nothing else is done.

    2. Add a static route to the update server.

    After I did this, I could now update packages and the clients regained internet access.

    Is this the desired behavior?

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