Pfsync isn't syncing states

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    I'm using "2.2-BETA (amd64) built on Fri Sep 19 10:13:16 CDT 2014" NanoBSD, two firewalls in a CARP setup. Pfsync (state sync) doesn't seem to be working properly. When I save the settings on the system_hasync.php page on the primary firewall, a session with protocol pfsync appears in the states page, but I can't see that the states are being transfered to the backup server (maybe a few states, but far from all). After a couple of minutes, that pfsync session disappears from the state page.

    I'm using DHCP on WAN, and I'm fully aware of that connections towards the Internet will be broken when a failover occurs (since it's a different WAN IP address). But the internal traffic between VLANs should not need to be reestablished, as is the case now. My current setup is an upgrade from 2.1.5, where this worked properly.

    The pfsync interfaces has a rule that allows all IPv4 traffic on both firewalls (rules are also synced).

    I have also tested this in a test environment, where the WAN IP address was a static one (and thus the same on both nodes using a CARP IP) and the outgoing NAT rule used the CARP IP. Exactly the same happened there. States where synced for a little while, and then it stopped syncing.

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    I can confirm this, I also do not see any states being transferred.

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  • Good to hear that it wasn't just me :)

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