Static route & NAT to secondary LAN gateway

  • I'm not sure if the subject is accurate for what I'm trying to do, so I'll explain it…

    My LAN is on I have two WAN interfaces, connected to separate ISPs and pfSense is my default gateway for all devices on the subnet.

    There are some remote networks I need to reach via PPTP. Since pfSense cannot act as a PPTP client (or maybe I'm too dumb to figure out how to do it!), I have setup a Linux VM which is running pptp client and it does connection sharing and NAT via iptables. The VM is on, and one of the remote networks I'm connecting to via PPTP is on

    I have set a static route on all PCs to send traffic to via the gateway, and this is working just fine...

    Now, I want to avoid having to configure the route on all LAN devices (there are 3 VPNs currently, so 3 routes per device), so I was wondering if I could do this using the pfSense instead.

    So far on pfSense I've been able to:

    • Create a gateway on the LAN interface, with IP
    • Add a static route for with the above gateway

    I can ping devices on the from the pfSense diagnostics page only… doing so from any other device on the LAN doesn't work. I suspect I need to force the pfSense to NAT the traffic to it's inside IP address ( before routing it via the pptp gateway (

    The only thing I could think of was to try adding a firewall rule on the LAN interface to do this (i.e. any traffic to should use gateway, but that didn't work.

    Any thoughts?

    Once I can get one of the remote networks to connect, I'll just copy the configuration for the other two...



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