OpenVPN Client Connection routing Internettraffic

  • In 2.1 i have configured a VPN-Provider as a OpenVPN Client Connectionl:
    importing certificates, add openvpn clientconnection, store user/pass in separate file, assign an dhcp interface to the openvpnclientconnection, created outbond nat rule, created firewall rule with advanced gateway flag.

    Doing this in 2.2 the same way except, that user/pass doesn't needs to be stored in separte file. After adding the firwall rule for the specific IP adresse, wich needs to be online via vpn, ther was no internetconnection on this client.

    Testing traceroute from the client only gives me timeouts.
    Removing the firewall rule, the client is back online, but without vpn.

  • I have also a VPN Provider as Client on my pfSense 2.2 Beta.
    Works without any problems.

    Please check your Logs on the pfSense itself. Also enable the Logging for the Firewall rules on the used Interfaces. Recheck your NAT.

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