FreeRADIUS 2 not starting: gdbm fatal: Unexpected end of file

  • Dear All,

    For a number of months, I am running four installations of pfsense (current version) on Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU C2758 @ 2.40GHz servers. I am using a number of packages including freeradius2.

    On one of the machines, freeradius2 suddenly stopped working. I did check the configuration, I did uninstall and reinstall the package and I did uninstall, locate related files via find / -iname "freeradius" and deleted all files via rm -r … before reinstalling freeradius2. Unfortunately, none of these measures did help.

    As the system log was not very telling, I did start manually via /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start and got the following response:

    $ /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start
    Starting radiusd.
    gdbm fatal: Unexpected end of file

    A similar issue was posted by "Als" on March 21, 2014 ( Unfortunately, no one replied.

    To me, this looks like a database issue, possibly connected to python.

    Can someone point me to how to repair this or do I need to reinstall the server from scratch?


    Michael Schefczyk

  • I solved.
    Please check files in /var/log/radacct/timecounter/. It musts by binary. If not, simple remove it.

  • Dear Als,

    Thank you very much! Based on your freedback, I took a slightly more radical approach, since I found freeradius would not start with one of the accounting databases missing. I deleted /var/log/radacct and reinstalled the package. Then, things started to work, at least for the time being.

    This is much better then reinstalling the entire system without knowing when the same thing might happen again.

    As this is a backup system in a CARP setting, I could imagine that things go sour when the backup system switches back to is usual backup function after having been the master for a short time.



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