Limiter and Captive Portal BW Limit

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I have a scenario where I need to share 6Mbits download among CP Users.  The limiter is working but I'd like to further throttle the traffic because these pesky users still want to use too much.

    Obtaining more capacity is currently not an option.

    Note that I am going to concentrate on downloads (LAN outbound) since uploads are currently not an issue.

    LANInPool 6Mbits
      LANInPoolByIP mask on source address
    LANOutPool 6Mbits
      LANOutPoolByIP mask on dest address

    LAN pass any any rule sets LANInPoolByIP/LANOutPoolByIP

    All that works.

    My question is what should happen if I also set Per-User bandwidth restrictions in the captive portal.  Will the above limiter continue to operate but with the users also hard-capped at the CP limit even if there is available bandwidth in the pools?  Or will the CP limiter be in effect for each pipe and the Pool ignored, thus allowing multiple users to overrun my 6Mbits?

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