TrafficShaping per interface

  • Hi,

    i still new to pfsense and constantly learning.
    Learning comes with a lot of questions though and now that i am arrived at the topic "QoD/TrafficShaping"  i got quite a few ^^

    On my pfsense machine i have

    1x WAN interface
    3 LAN interfaces which are
            1 LAN interface
            2 x VLAN interfaces (the parent interface is not the LAN interface) (Tagged 100 & 200)

    The VLAN 100 interface is for private WLAN access the VLAN 200 interface on the other hand is for guests internet access where certain restrictions will be made.
    What i would like to achieve now is a simple configuration where all internet related traffic going out from the LAN interface will be prioritized over the traffic from VLAN 100 & 200.
    The VLAN200 traffic should get the lowest priority. I would like to assure that LAN & VLAN_100 clients always can get their internet related traffic through first and the guests must be satisfied with whats left of the bandwith in case VLAN_100 and LAN clients consuming a lot.

    As far as i understand the concept of traffic shaping i can do this by:

    Using the single WAN multiple LAN wizard

    • using PRIQ as the scheduler algorithm for all interfaces
    • i leave all the other checkboxes the wizard offers unchecked
    • after the wizard is finished i go to Firewall -> Traffic Shaper and configure the qLink queue of LAN VLAN_100 and VLAN_200 (default queues) as follows:
      LAN qLink: Priority set to 7
      VLAN_100 qLink: Priority set to 6
      VLAN_200 qLink: Priority set to 5

    Is that configuration alone sufficient to achieve the configuration i described above or am i totally wrong here?

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