Captive Portal/Routing - From IP Address

  • Hi,

    I have setup PfSense as a captive portal for our BYOD wireless.  All working great, except it routes traffic through our Lightspeed server which is currently allowing all traffic through on the same level as it sees any traffic as coming from the same IP Address (PfSense Server address).  How do I configure the routing of PfSense to send the client IP Address in the header rather than the PfSense address?

    I have not setup NAT or anything like that.  Am just using it as a basic captive portal where the clients have the default gateway and DNS pointing to the PfSense LAN address.

    Hope this is possible as it's the only thing not quite right with the setup.



  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If it is routing from LAN to WAN and you haven't done anything special, pfSense is performing NAT.

    You're going to have to reconfigure your network so you can route directly from the CP clients to wherever you're going without going through NAT.

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