Any ETA on when updating will work on embedded?

  • I don't care if it's not automated / I have to use manual…  I just hate having to break out the screwdriver and disconnect everything from my 4801 when there's a new release.  ;)

    Have you considered releasing different flash images for different CF card sizes?  Tell people if they only have 64MB they can't update, but if they have a 512 or 256 card with appropriate flash on it (allowing all the space to be used) it can do a manual self-update...

    I have at least 256MB in mine, maybe it was a 512...  sucks to not be able to make use of it to make my life easier.

  • Yes, we are planning on fixing this.  Perhaps if you are in a hurry to get this fixed you can jump in and help us finish it.

    These things don't write themselves, afterall.