Strange carp problem :

  • Hi everybody.

    • I've got two pfsense with carp. The sync is OK.
    • I've got two lan (A and B)

    From LAN A , i can ping the two real Ip addresses but not the virtual IP of A
    From Lan B ,, i can ping the two real Ip addresses but not the virtual IP of B


    From LAN A, i can ping virtual IP of B
    From LAN B I can ping ping virtual IP of B

    result: My clients does not have access to internet if I set the virtual IP address as a gateway and i must set the real ip address of one of the two pfsense in order to have connectivity...

    Strange no ? If there is an expert of pfsense.... ?!

  • Same issue, only with one LAN.  If I use DHCP the gw and dns are set to the real address of the active pfSense and failover works just fine, however this does not work with static IP clients.

  • This seems related to the other issues secgeek and I have seen.
    In my case, the working behaviour (when triggered by the problem we're noticing) can be restored by triggering carp failover (disabling on primary) - the setup will continue to work after failback.
    When I do static set ups, I don't use a single DNS - even if using carp - I use the DNS of each router.
    The GW does have to be the floating IP though.
    It might be helpful to those trying to help if you posted more info about the config? Or did you resolve already? Thanks!

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