Dual router setup help in vmplayer

  • Ello all, i have a question. i am expereincign some confusion. maybe due to lack of sleep from statics and diff eq class or im forgetting a setting.

    Here is my setup i have made in vmplayer.

    In vmplayer i have created 4 lan segments

    UTAH-Private (ID# = 29:1F IP
    NY-Private (ID# = 7E:D5 IP
    UTAH-out (ID# = 29:15 IP
    NY-out (ID# = 7E:CB IP

    Ok, so when i created UTAH ROUTER, i put two mics in it and nic0 is UTAH-out (ID# = 29:15 IP
    nic1 is UTAH-Private (ID# = 29:1F IP

    the config of pfsense confirms this. Pings from inside pfsense work.

    NY ROUTER has two nics. nic0 is connected to lan segment NY-out (ID# = 7E:CB IP
    and nic1 is connected to lan segment NY-Private (ID# = 7E:D5 IP

    the configs confirm and pings work with in the shell.

    Ok, so i put a linux box on the private side of each router and log into the web config and turn off firewall so that i can just route.

    ok, so, here is the issue, UTAH-out can ping NY-out but UTAH-Private cant ping NY-out.

    NY-out can ping UTAH-out but NY-Private cant ping UTAH-out.

    what do i need to do to make sure pings can gofrom one private side to the other?

    Also, can pfsense run OSPF i do not want to work with RIP unless its version 2.  but i would prefere a more intelligent protocol such as OSPF

    This is a setup for my pen test lab.



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