Captive Portal with external Freeradius Server not receiving RADIUS response

  • Hi All,
    ** I think this should be the right category, as It's more a general question **
    Using Pfsense 2.1.15
    I managed to configure a Captive Portal using working fine.
    Now I want to implement a RADIUS Server Authentication, but it's not working as it should.
    The Radius server (freeradius) is running on a debian machine, IP, and is connected to OPT1.
    Specific Clients connect though LAN Interface (, on this Interface, CP is running and is connected to switch.
    Any client that is connected to the LAN interface is redirected to the CP portal Page,, so far working fine.
    But when entering any credentials on the CP Page, any client will only receiv the message "Error sending request : No valid RADIUS responses received".
    But when I check on Freeradius debug mode, I see that the credentials have been sent, and when valid, have been accepted.
    So it looks like the response is not returned to the CP.
    Also for test, I allowed full packet traffic from the OPT1 interface to LAN interface.
    Still the same issue.
    Please what could be the cause if this issue ?
    Any help would be appreciated. I have attached some screenshots.
    Thanks !

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