Log File Size for filter.log

  • Please can somebody tell me how to increase the size of this log.

    I DO NOT WANT SYSLOG, either on the pfsense, or remote.
    My system has 250Gb disk space.
    A 500kb filter.log is simply too small to be of any real world use.

    Please give me the commands, for increasing the file /var/log/filter.log to 1Gb.

    I appreciate that the 'length of time' is going to be solely dependant on the number of things logging to the file.
    Currently however the filter.log only has data for about the past 2 hours, as it is capped at 500kb.

  • @tandyuk:

    Please give me the commands, for increasing the file /var/log/filter.log to 1Gb.

    cd /var/log
    clog -i -s 1000000000 filter.log

    This will zero the file, so copy it first if you want the data.  I'm not sure clog has been tested to scale that big, you may want to increase in a few increments.  Man page is here: http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/cgi/web-man?command=clog§ion=8

    Also, note you are doing this 'behind' the config system, which is not set up to allow log files of differing sizes.  There may be times (upgrade, reboot? I don't know), when the code in /etc/system.inc is called to re-initialize filter.log to the standard size.  Consider adding a feature request to redmine.pfsense.org if this feature is important to you.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    On 2.2 there is a knob in the GUI to change the file size for logs. I don't know if it could work being that large or not. I wouldn't expect it to.

    If you manually resize it on 2.1.x then it would probably get reset any time the file was recreated (clearing the log file, etc)

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