Failover not working

  • Hi,
    does anybody have a working configuration to have IPSEC working in a multiwan enviroment when a failover occurs?

    I spent a lot of time looking at any possible solution but I found only people with the same problem and not a single working solution.

    I'm currently using DynDNS on both sides, gateway groups as interface and everything is working in normal conditions.
    Unfortunately when a failover occurs, the VPN is not able to go up automatically.
    The only way I found to get it working is to disable and re-enable the Phase 1 of that VPN on both sides.

    Just to be clear, restarting the racoon does not work.

    I'm running PFSEnse 2.1.3 and I'm planning to update to 2.1.5 soon, but I'm not confident this will solve the problem.

    I did dozens of tests without any lucky end.

    In some situation, I'm also able to have the VPN up and running even if the Status of Ipsec shows that the connection is down on both sides…

    I think there is somenthing wrong in the VPN configuration that is not updating when the DNS changes.
    Looking at the log it seems that even if the IP address has changed, the VPN tunnel keeps on using the old address.

    I'm a little bit confused, but if somebody has some idea or wish more information I will be happy to share my experience.

    Many thanks.

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