APU1C Stats

  • I just wanted everyone to know what kind of numbers we have tested in real-world scenarios using the APU1C and the 2.1.4 nanoBSD image.  The running add-ons include: Snort, HAVP, pfBlocker, Squid, SquidGuard, and BandwidthD.  The setup is 2 APU1C boards with a crossover cable between them and a laptop with gigabit connections on each one.

    Connecting via VPN between the 2 and transferring data back and forth runs 48-51Mbps depending on encryption type and strength.  We hit a clear CPU wall as we were pegged at 50% the entire time and I believe IPSEC is single core.

    Setting up a WAMP server on one and sticking it on the outside of one of the routers we simulated a download to test UTM.  We pegged at about 100Mbps.  Again, seems like we were CPU limited with a bit to spare.  It was hovering at 85%-90%.

    Leaving it in the same configuration as the UTM test we transferred files via SMB to test SPI speed and hit about 300Mbps.  That also seemed to peg the CPU at 85%-90%.

    I looked for a long time to try to find these types of numbers to determine how well it would do.  Please reply if you found this info useful or if you have any numbers to share.  Thanks!

  • Thanks!! Very helpful.  Are you running nanoBSD or a full install on to a mSATA card?  Given the addins I am assuming full install on mSATA.

  • Ha! funny I was just looking for this exact post about the apu1c. I just bought one, still waiting for it to arrive.

    So how well does it run without all of the extras installed? Did you try it with just the base install?

    I just bought Comcast's Extreme 105 at my new place and was thinking this thing should be more than enough to run as a firewall.

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