SIP-Phone Passthrough OpenVPN - Call Is Drop After Few Seconds

  • My problem could be related to NAT and OpenVPN.

    My pfSense Config (pfSense 2..1.4):
    OpenVPN server configured with tunnel -
    OpenVPN client tunnel -
    LAN Subnet is -
    Client Machine -
    SIP-Phone on Client Machine -
    Elastix PBX - | not an OpenVPN client yet
    SIP-Phone - Zoiper
    Client Machine OS - Linuxmint 17 64bit

    Network Setup

    Client Machine and Softphone (OpenVPN client with tunnel IP) = machine –- pfsense --- gateway
    Elastix PBX = machine --- pfsense -- gateway

    The Problem:

    Trying to make an outbound call, first I tried dialing *60 to call the PBX clock, it works fine when client machine is not connected to the VPN. But when connected to the VPN, call is drop after 6-7 seconds.

  • Might need to use static ports on your asterisk box. Chane to manual nat then create a rule for your pbx to use static ports. Also on your remote end make sure your router is not using ALG. (Application Level Gateway)

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