Define own protocol groups / services

  • Hi :)

    i searched the forum an google for a while now but can't find a thing. Maybe right in the moment i post here, i'll find my answer :)

    I try to define my own protocols, like http -> 80. What i like to do is defining a group of ports under an specified name. This group may be used in firewall rules (like for passing http from an interface to an specified gateway). I need this, because some of my applications running on the LAN-side need more than 5 ports(outbound) to communicate and those are multiplied by the amount of applications (ip based source)… So i don't want to add a rule for all needed ports :) Defining port ranges doesn't solve my problem, because those ports are seperated by other ports i want to block. For example i want to allow port 50000, 55000 and 55999 but no other ports.

  • Firewall - Aliases - Ports?

  • thanks  :-X sometimes i am very blind for the obvious…

  • I understand completely.  Considering how my comprehension skills have seemingly declined over the past month, you're lucky you got a correct answer from me.

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