Accessing another computer under different subnet

  • diagram attached

    here is what i'm trying to do:

    1. how can my home computer access the storage server? basically i need it as a mapped network drive, and i'm not sure of what rules i have to setup to allow this to happen; as you can see my home computer is behind a router which is connected to a different subnet than the subnet for the storage server.

    2. how can I reserve specific bandwidth for devices or aliases (groups) under subnet details= sometimes on the workstations, people may download/upload a lot, while others stream on the TVs, and data transfers to/from the storage server; then when someone tries to use the voip phones, the call quality is bad because there is barely any bandwidth left (usually from heavy multi-threaded downloading using download managers). so what i need to do, is reserve specific bandwidth for the voip phones, so nothing will affect the phones regardless of how much downloading is happening at that time. with respect to the above requirement, i don't want to limit my home computer from anything at all, so subnet will have full bandwidth at all times even if it will affect the phones. (i never use my home computer unless the office is closed anyways).

    some of you may ask why is my home computer connected to the same network as my office? it happens that i live in an apartment building and my office is just downstairs, so I managed to run a nice cat6 cable up to my apartment  ;D why pay for seperate internet, if i only use internet after work, and no one is at the office after work anyways?

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