Need help with multiple public ip adresses

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    I'm looking for a solution to my problem.
    I'm running a pfsense box at home for almost 2 years now and i'm still very happy,however i've got a problem.
    My brother and my sister are playing the same online game for a couple of years now.
    The problem with that game is that if 2 accounts often come online from the same ip adress you will get banned because it then seems like you're playing on 2 accounts from the same internet connection( wich in fact it is but we still play fair)
    To solve that problem we used 2 separate routers ( pfsense box & regular cisco router) on the same WAN connection because our ISP can provide us up to 4 public (DYNAMIC) ip adresses.
    Using 2 separate routers has been working for some time but i want to simplify & unify all internet systems at our home & buildings connected to it.
    I want all internet traffic to go through the pfsense box so that i can reduce the ammount of cables and network hardware i need to use.

    the situation is now:

    WAN IP ADRESS 1 is assigned/attached to LAN,VLAN2&VLAN4
    VLAN6 is not attached to a WAN network.

    What i want:

    WAN IP ADRESS 2 to VLAN6 or single client within that network

    All LAN or VLAN interfaces go to our AP's and every VLAN gets connected to a single wireless network.

    What i plan to do is connect my brother's pc to a wireless network(connected to LAN,VLAN2 or VLAN4) and my sister's pc to another wireless network(VLAN6) so they will both seem to have a different public ip adress if i can get this to work.

    What i already tried:

    added a third NIC:WAN2 (offcourse also connected to our cable modem like WAN)
    and made a firewall rule so that VLAN6 can only use the WAN2 interface for outbound communication.
    This didn't work because both WAN and WAN2 use the same gateway and that will not work in pfsense.

    I wanted to try 1:1 nat for VLAN6 or the client inside it(my sisters pc) but the problem i have is that i can get 4 different public ip adresses straight from our modem , however those are provided dynamically and not static so i'm assuming that 1:1 NAT wouldn't work either.

    Does somebody know how i can get a different public ip adress for my VLAN6 interface or at least for a single client inside it?
    Remember, i can get multiple public ip adresses but THEY ARE ASSIGNED DYNAMICALLY.

    Thanks a lot guys!

    Greetz from Belgium,


  • You need to use manual outbound NAT also.

    Create 2 LAN (or VLAN) segments.

    After that, got yo manual outbound NAT and select WAN1 for outbound on LAN segment 1

    Then select WAN2 for outbound on LAN segment 2.

    Then you are done.

    Don't over complicate the plumbing.

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