Disk allocation question from noobie

  • I have taken over an implementation of pfSense on a Xen Server box.
    According to XenCenter the pfSense installation has been allocated a 5Gb VDI, but on the pfSense WebGUI dashboard 'Disk Usage' is showing as 96% of 795M.

    Can some-one please tell me where the other 4Gb of allocated storage has gone and how I get it back.


  • Your predecessor may have installed a 'nano' image, tailored for embedded systems.  They are available in images that are predefined for 1G, 2G or 4G disk capacities, and carry image names like "pfSense-2.1.4-RELEASE-1g-amd64-nanobsd.img.gz".  If you can find the original install image he used, that can give you a clue.

    As far as 'what now?', that better come from someone more familiar with embedded images.  Certainly the brute force method of saving the config, install 4G image, and restore the config, is possible, but there may be a better way.

  • My understanding is the pfSense should be able to run with 256MB of storage, so, ignoring the partition size issue for now, why is it filling my 795Mb partition?

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    The base system on its own would not use that much but if you have installed packages or if the other admin had made changes to something in the code or otherwise by hand, something else could have filled up the disk.

    First check for packages, especially squid.

    From the console or ssh, you can run :

    cd /; du -k -d 1

    That will show you how much each directory under there uses, find the largest one(s), cd into them and repeat the du command until you find the culprit.

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