Any way to get Telnet on pfSense?

  • Hello,

    I'm not looking for the Telnet daemon but I would like to be able to use telnet to connect to other devices on my network (specifically Mikrotik router boards).  I know I could turn on SSH on the mikrotik but I've had other instances where I wish I could use telnet.

    Is there something I can pkg_add to get the functionality?

  • I've done this a few time to connect to switches, waps, etc behind the box.
    I copied the following files off of a stock FreeBSD box to pfSense:

  • Would you be able to provide me with a rapidshare link with a .tgz of those files?  We don't have any FreeBSD boxes floating around here  :-[

  • Do this from a shell

    fetch -o /usr/bin/telnet
    chmod a+rx /usr/bin/telnet

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