Allow an option to change the order packages start on reboot

  • Would it be possible for one of the core pfsense dev to create a config page lets say under Diagnostics or a tab within Package Manager; that would allow users to change the order how packages are defined in the config.xml file? <installedpackages>:<package>  I'm kinda surprise the system doesn't have this already.

    When your router is rebooted, packages are started based on the order they are defined in the config.xml. Which is usually based on the order they are installed. I think most other users would benefit having this option. And would correct some startup issues because packages are conflicting with each other.

    If your using lets say squid, squidguard, and danguardian; based on your config you may want them to start in a certain order. From past experiences, you have to install them in the order you want them to start.

    Thanks in advance!</package></installedpackages>

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