• Greetings,

    I have a customer where I am running pfsense since ages. First on a WRAP, then on an ALIX, now on ESXi. Everything is fine so far. The only drawback is that he lives pretty away of everything, we hardly have 1MBit down. This is getting more and more an issue, as the amount of data to be transferred rises, so demand for more bandwidth is great. Now we found out that 3Gsignal coverage got much better in his area, so we could have about 4MBit down, which would be a significant increase. We could have a 3 week test drive from our provider, but before that I need to verify that all goes well. DSL with static IP will remain to serve tje Small Business Server with MX-Records pointing to it.

    I still have the old ALIX-Board he was running, with 3 LAN-Interfaces and 2 USB. My favourite option would be to just plug in a 3G thumb drive, pfsense would recognize it and I can add this as second gateway. Then I´d basically have a multi WAN setup. Otherwise I´d need to buy an alix6f2 wiht two interfaces (LAN, DSL-WAN) and the 3G slot.
    Is there a list of which thumb drives work reliably with pfSense 2.1.5, or is this the complete wrong approach?

    Any suggestions/hints would be appreciated.