A way to get around a proxy server

  • Hi,

    I am trying to download the packages for pfsense but I am not able to do so as my office network is behind a proxy connection. So it would not let my WAN interface connect to the internet as the proxy server blocks the connections. That being said, I was wondering whether there is any way around to bypass the proxy connection for the WAN interface?



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    you can setup a proxy for pfsense to use to download packages.

    advanced, misc

  • Thanks for the reply!

    I tried going down that road. When I setup the proxy in Advanced > Miscellaneous with a proxy url and port, I get the version update message in the dashboard but it still doesn't connect to the "Available packages" to be able to download the packages. For some reason, the proxy doesn't let the connection access that ftp to download packages. Not only that, I cannot even ping any dns servers.

    So I was wondering if I could wrap around the whole proxy connection…


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    well that is way outside the scope of this forum - your asking how to circumvent a companies security policy.

    Not sure why you would think a proxy would have to do with pinging anything?  Does your work proxy support ftp?  I would really suggest you get with your company network/security guys to allow your pfsense out direct, etc.  Why you would be running pfsense inside a company network that you do not manage the network for is beyond me ;)

  • System: Advanced: Miscellaneous - Proxy support

    Does it, or can it be made to, support SOCKS proxy.  If so would that eliminate the protocol barrier (ftp, http, etc.)?

  • Perhaps you could create an OpenVPN connection to an external site, such as your home.

    A pfSense OpenVPN Client, configured to use your companies SOCKS proxy if they have one, that connects to an external pfSense OpenVPN Server, at say your home.

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