Basing gateway status on something other than ping/loss

  • Hello, forum! Long time listener, first time caller here ;) I recently installed a pfSense router at the in-laws' to do load balancing between their two Internet connections. One is cellular, and the other is a KASAT uplink. Both of these connections have a monthly bandwidth cap, which when exceeded causes the available bandwidth to be limited. This leaves the connection effectively useless, but Apinger does not detect any trouble as the link is still up and able to ping remote hosts. In turn, this makes pfSense route traffic over the capped connection, which slows the perceived speed of the entire setup.

    My question is this: Is it possible to have Apinger (or a script) base the gateway status on something like the time it takes to make a web request instead of just ping and/or packet loss?

  • Shamelessly bumping my own thread ;) I've started developing a PHP class that lets you programmatically connect to the WebConfigurator to make changes. It's very low-level at the moment, but it working very well :) I plan to use it together with a simple wget operation that tests the responsiveness of each WAN interface, to automatically disable routing of traffic across a capped connection. Unless there are better options available, I might release this code.

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