Zmq did not load correctly. Removing from php.ini

  • [2.2-BETA][root@apu22.localdomain]/var/run(27): cat php_modules_load_errors.txt
    >>> zmq did not load correctly.  Removing from php.ini...

    I get this every snapshot. Nothing seems broken. does exist:

    [2.2-BETA][root@apu22.localdomain]/var/run(5): find / -name

    Is there anything that needs zmq that will be broken in the background?
    Can whatever is wrong be fixed up so this error will disappear?

  • Here is more error information I found:

    [2.2-BETA][root@apu22.localdomain]/tmp(9): cat PHP_errors.log
    [28-Sep-2014 10:38:41 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/local/lib/php/20121212/' - Shared object "" not found, required by "" in Unknown on line 0

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